Video production services through your lens


We see life through your lens; whether you want to enhance your brand, explain or educate, we promise to engage your audience.

When you partner with Synima, our expert team guides you through a simple yet effective production process. Whether this is the first time you’ve created content or you need help shaping an idea, we’ll create the perfect piece.

Our process covers everything from pre-production planning, scriptwriting and storyboarding, through to filming, editing, and post-production tasks such as sound design and special effects. At the heart of this process is our ability to craft a strong narrative which, boosted by our blend of creative vision and technical skills, delivers your message clearly and powerfully.

We can transform your marketing, making it not only a memorable experience but a visually compelling communication tool that cuts through the noise, strengthens brand visibility and drives success. It can be used for various purposes, including commercials, branded content, explainers, product demonstrations, and corporate communications.

What’s more, we create value and opportunity wherever we can. We look at how we can utilise your content to create more value, whether it’s cut downs or stills for social media or the ability to repurpose assets, we’ll suggest ways to broaden the reach and impact of your message. We’ll put the cherry on top!

Why Synima?

For over 20 years, the team at Synima have been building a stellar reputation by consistently delivering high-quality video content that resonates with audiences and drives results for our clients.

Our regular collaborations with Fortune 500 companies let us showcase our ability to handle projects of any scale and complexity with professionalism and finesse. Whether it’s a brand commercial, corporate training video, or a product launch, our work exceeds expectations, making a significant impact on viewers and generating tangible results.

From the pre-production planning to post-production, we handle every step with precision and care, working closely with you to understand your vision and goals, and providing personalized solutions that align with your brand identity and objectives.

Partnering with Synima ensures that your video content will stand out and achieve its intended purpose. Make us the go to option for businesses seeking high-quality video communication.


We cover a wide range of video types from high-concept brand videos and commercials to live streaming and interactive. Using our considerable experience, we will bring the perfect balance of creative and technical know-how to the content you need. 

The video production process can vary immensely. Our expert producers will analyse your brief and advise you of a timeline and key milestones, so you’ll know exactly what to expect.  

In general, we offer 2-3 rounds of amends per phase of the project.

We liaise closely with you and see this as a vital part of creating the best outcome possible. Throughout the process we will frequently have feedback sessions. We also provide Vimeo review links where comments can be made directly on the video from you or your team.

This depends on the type of job. For simple talking head interviews we will normally allocate a 2-3 person crew. For larger productions involving actors, studios and more technical camera equipment the crew can be 10 people or more.

We film on a variety of cameras to suit the nature of the project, from Sony FX9 to Arri Alexa for a truly filmic look. We use gimbals and cranes to create movement in shots and have qualified drone pilots for aerial work.

All of our projects are safely backed up to our servers daily and archived safely off-site in the long term. We keep your projects until you might want to revisit them in the future, for instance for a re-edit.

We guide you through each production phase and provide you with 2-3 revisions at each stage.

Every project is different, but broadly speaking the production process can be broken down into three phases.


It all starts with a kick off meeting, building out the brief and working with you to make sure your messaging is understood. We then develop a creative concept with style frames; explaining visually and verbally what we have in mind for the production. Next is the scripting phase, where we craft your messaging into a compeling narrative. Finally, storyboarding is used to show exactly what we propose to be created.


Production commences once all revisions have been made to the storyboard, we will then start the building and animating phase. Depending on the style we often have a team working collaboratively here to enhance efficiencies. The culmination of this phase is a first draft video with a guide voice-over and sound effects.


Once the video is near completion we will master a final voice-over and add sound effects. The video will be sent in the required format, along with any subtitles or social edits if requested. Of course, every video and animation is different so please check out our work and case studies here to learn more.

You will have a dedicated Producer/Account manager and Creative Director who will be in direct contact with you throughout the production process. Often the editor themselves may attend meetings throughout the course of the project.

Our sound designers will be briefed from the Creative Director and guided throughout the production. We will propose a selection of voice actors, giving you the choice of whom best fits your brand. We will supply music options that best fit the mood and tone of the video. You can also opt to have a music track composed if you prefer.

We use AI as a tool to maximise efficiencies in the workflow. General use cases are at initial concepting stages to get an early vision across, or to help with rather laborious tasks. Just like any plugin, script, or program it has it’s uses. Ultimately, we will always utilize new tools to improve the outcome of projects.