Learn with us: learning & corporate training


Lets face it, the world of learning and corporate training can be challenging. It’s a daunting task to encourage colleagues to complete their mandatory training.

We know and understand this, which is why we look at every piece of learning through the eyes of someone who hates “learning”. It’s our personal challenge to combat this mentality and provide users with an enjoyable and engaging experience. One where they walk away with a greater understanding of the subject and company and a thirst to learn more.

By leveraging technology we can create immersive learning experiences with video and animation to create eLearning communication focused on the training, ethics and wellbeing of your company’s internal workforce.  We can personalise their learning experience with the integration of AI and machine learning. Instead of a one-size fits all approach, we’ll be able to predict individual learning needs and provide developmental targets.

This is a critical area for companies, and we serve this need in areas such as compliance, health & safety, wellbeing, recruitment and retention and any other corporate training needs your organization might have.

Through a comprehensive and agile process, we ensure close collaboration with your team from start to finish, transforming initial ideas into captivating and effective learning products.

Central to our approach is film and animation and gamification techniques to create engaging educational content. These mediums are particularly effective in making complex information accessible and memorable. For example, a compliance training video might use live-action scenarios or virtual reality to demonstrate proper procedures, while an animated module could break down intricate health and safety regulations into digestible segments. This versatility in content delivery helps ensure that training materials are not only informative but also engaging and easy to understand.

Why Synima for learning?

We go beyond film and animation to ensure your staff get the most engaging training and guidance, because we understand how vital it is to their progression. We offer content workshops that foster collaboration and creativity. These workshops bring together Synima’s team of experts and your organization’s stakeholders to brainstorm, script, and storyboard content.

We also excel in producing e-learning modules, which are increasingly vital in today’s digital-first learning environment. Our e-learning solutions are designed to be user-friendly and engaging, incorporating elements like quizzes, interactive scenarios, and multimedia to enhance learning outcomes.

However, it does not end here; we leverage advanced technologies such as augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR) and motion capture to create immersive learning experiences. These technologies can transform training sessions, making them more interactive and memorable. With Synima, you can be confident that your learning materials will be both engaging and effective, helping you achieve your corporate training goals.


A learning video is a piece of visual content designed to facilitate the acquisition of knowledge or skills. These videos often include lectures, tutorials, demonstrations, or interactive content to enhance the learning experience.

The best learning videos are designed bespoke to your needs. Common areas include upskilling, recruitment, wellbeing, compliance and safety training.

This can depend greatly on the length of content, complexity, and the production process. Typically, it can range from a few days to several weeks.

Animation is great for explaining abstract concepts, making complex information more digestible, and adding visual appeal. Live-action videos are better for personal engagement, demonstrations, and real-world applications. Combining both can leverage the strengths of each format, depending on the content and target audience.

This would depend on the specific production process agreed at the start of a project, though typically you can expect 2-3 revision stages during pre-production and 1-2 amends in post-production.

A typical process includes three main stages: Pre-production: Includes concept development, scriptwriting, storyboarding, planning, and resource allocation. Production: Involves the actual creation of content, including filming (for live-action) or animating, and recording voiceovers. Post-production: Encompasses editing, adding effects, sound design, and finalising the video for delivery.

This can depend on the type of animation and length, however we tend to afford longer to the pre-production stage of animation as it is critical that expectations are set and signed off at storyboard stage. Once the animation is in production, it typically demands little external involvement.

At Synima, we tend to give you one dedicated Producer who will guide you through the journey. For larger projects, we may assemble a team with a lead.

However you want! We are open to retainers, 50% upfront/50% on delivery, or any other weighting. This can be helpful if you wish to spread the cost over several budgeting periods.

Nothing! We can help you develop your brief if you simply want to talk through possibilities.

If you have assets and branding ready to go, perfect. If not, we can work with you to create these, as we have designers, illustrators, animators and editors in-house.

This is your choice! We have a wide library of stock music to choose from and can commission music bespoke if you wish. We also work with voiceover agencies who can help provide a range of voices in any accent.

All of our projects are backed up to our servers in the short term and archived safely off-site in the long term.