Get on top of AI for video and animation


We all know that AI video services are changing the way content is created and consumed and will continue to do so. At Synima, we’ve always embraced the latest technology and we are dedicated to helping clients harness the full potential of these cutting-edge tools. Our expertise in AI video services enables us to introduce it in to areas of the video production process, continually pushing the boundaries of what is possible while doing so. We are always looking to enhance various aspects of video production, from creating sophisticated animations to predictive analytics that inform creative decisions.

Our AI video production services are designed to help clients understand the capabilities and benefits of AI. We offer comprehensive guidance on how AI can be integrated into existing workflows, ensuring a smooth transition and maximizing the technology’s impact. Whether it’s through AI-driven video editing, automated scriptwriting, or intelligent content recommendations, we ensure that AI complements and enhances non-AI processes.

Why Synima?

In addition to producing AI-enhanced videos, our experts can also assist companies in integrating AI internally.  

We can provide strategic insights and practical solutions for incorporating AI tools into daily operations to improve efficiency and innovation. At Synima, our team of experts works closely with clients to identify the most effective AI applications for their specific needs.

The ability to target and reach your audience is becoming increasingly important and the game is changing constantly. We pride ourselves on staying at the forefront of these trends to maximise the impact AI-enhanced videos can and have. 

Our forward-looking approach, combined with our ever-present commitment to client success, makes us a trusted partner for businesses. We can help you innovate and excel in the digital age, breaking new ground with the confidence that traditional craftmanship and experience allows. This is how the Synima team consistently meets, and exceeds, the expectations of some the world’s biggest companies.


AI is a tool, aiding us to create the best possible result within the time requirements. Just as the technology revolution changed the landscape for video and animation production this is what AI will do for us now and in the future. It is a way to produce content never before possible, and certainly not in the time frames. Ultimately it is just a stepping stone and an exciting land of possibilities to explore and offer to you!

It is a massive help, like any tool it requires real life human input and direction. It certainly has its place and its pros and cons. Of course, we can’t disregard the fact that there are parts of AI that could be viewed as threats, but ultimately where they take jobs, they also create new jobs that never existed before. It opens a whole new world of unthinkable possibilities never realised because of tight timelines and budgetary constraints, it’s something we are closely monitoring and keeping on top of.

We don’t believe it ever will. Video production is about creating relatable, emotion-driven narratives. It’s about putting things together in new and surprising ways that connect with people. Ultimately, these are things that can only be crafted by real life people with first-hand experience.  

The current state of AI has many limitations, and we feel it is nowhere near capable of eliminating the entire production process. There are simply too many uncertainties with the current state of AI, even with skilled and experienced people guiding it, that make it too difficult to direct! 

All this aside we are excited to see where AI takes us, and the work it will help us produce over the coming years.

Yes, in some cases. There are things that AI tools do now that were never possible before, and some that have always been possible, but were too tedious and slow to use. The recent improvements in AI technologies has allowed us to offer some of these production services to our customers and pass on cost savings. 
In other words, it’s a win-win however you look at it, and it will only get better.

Like any software or tool, there is no right or wrong answer. We will use whatever AI software/tool we feel is fit for purpose and helps to create the vision we have.  
AI software/tools each have their perks and unique purpose to us in production, therefore we choose the best for completing the job to our vision.

This has always been a grey area, but the stance we have is that we would never use generated AI work for final deliverables, unless we had commercially safe work generated, whether that’s trained from a model internally, or from software that offer commercially safe work.  
Currently, unless specifically requested, we only use AI to add efficiency to our process – it’s doing things we would have to do manually, laboriously and expensively. We will always be completely transparent and responsible with how we use, produce, and distribute AI generated work.

Yes and no. Think of the AI software/tools we use as just that, they are part of the workflow. There might be sections that are sped up, but there are also limitations to factor in and areas where we wouldn’t use it as it would be slower. We have it implemented into our workflow where we are optimising and making the production process as streamlined as possible.