All about us

Who we are and how we got here…

We’ve been around the block

Synima was founded in London by Quint Boa and Matt Giles over 20 years ago. Just as camera’s have improved their image quality, so have we. We’ve adapted with the tech at our fingertips and with it offering greater capabilities and opportunities, we’ve had the fortune of establishing offices in New York, Los Angeles, London, and Amsterdam. This expansion goes some way to reflect the success the company has had, but perhaps more importantly offers a window in to what our company believes in necessary to serve global clients with top level video and animation in todays world.

Make no mistake however, it is the team at Synima that remain the key factor in the company‚Äôs success – we pride ourselves on our people. Clients know us for our exceptional work ethic, enthusiasm and love of our craft and should you choose to work with us, you’ll find out it is something we prioritise above all else.

We understand technology is changing faster than anyone can fathom and regard this as a great opportunity, always. We believe the best work will combine human taste and creative spirit with the computing power of machines, and our team relish the changes that our coming. This has always been in our DNA. This ability to blend technology with creative vision has served us well and earned us a reputation we look to uphold every day – this is our challenge and this is why we have the team we do. So while we continue to evolve and expand, we remain focused on the things that really count: delivering unparalleled service and best in class content that keeps some of the world’s best companies coming back for more.