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    LA's trusted video production and creative content agency

    LA’s trusted video production and creative content agency

    Based in the entertainment capital, we are a video and animation production agency ready to bring great stories to life. Our global presence allows us to delight clients with our work and it is the reason we continue to serve some of LA’s biggest companies who rely on us to deliver the best-in-class corporate communication their brand requires.

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    Why Synima for LA?

    Trusted LA Partnerships: Leading companies in Los Angeles entrust us with their video production needs. We seamlessly integrate with your marketing and commercial teams, managing logistics from inception to delivery with unwavering reliability, regardless of project complexity.

    Award-Winning LA Expertise: Our LA team doesn’t just go through the motions of pre-production to post-production tasks; we’re a passionate collective with a proven history of success.

    Results-Driven Solutions: Beyond crafting visually captivating videos, we specialize in developing strategic video solutions tailored for diverse LA audiences. Every project undergoes meticulous planning to achieve specific marketing objectives while staying within allocated budgets.

    Executive Endorsement: We provide LA companies with proven, market-tested quality media and strategic guidance, making it easy to secure executive buy-in. Trust in our expertise to navigate the complexities of video production, ensuring your vision resonates with top decision-makers.

    Los Angeles

    From the glitz and glamour of Hollywood to the sun-kissed beaches of Santa Monica, LA is a melting pot of cultures, ideas, and dreams – and that’s why Synima’s LA team love it here.

    Video production, like movie making, is the art of telling stories. At Synima we strive to tell stories that people can relate to, stories that change the way they think, stories that plant the seed of an idea that will continue to grow after the video ends.

    We feel ourselves to be a new part of a cinematic legacy that goes back over 100 years. We take a lot of inspiration from the commercial filmmaking industry, learning from their pioneering techniques and visual trends.

    If you need to tell a big story with a high-gloss sheen, or are looking to make something that recalls the golden age of animation, we can do all that and more. But LA is more than just movies. Its multiple neighborhoods contain a rich tapestry of stories waiting to be told; it’s our privilege at Synima to be trusted to tell their stories to the world.


    We have been around for over 20 years, producing videos for some of the world’s leading brands and companies who continue to trust us with their communications. We have offices globally which are staffed with expert, in-house teams. This ensures a platform to provide the consistency and high standards leading companies require. 

    Yes, we haver a rapidly growing team in LA. Please read more about our teams here.

    We film throughout the US, as well as around the world. 

    We are mid-range. This allows us to produce a product you’ll be proud of. However, we are flexible and will always look to work within a client’s budget.

    We like to work closely with our clients so we can create the best possible outcome. We’ll go through everything with you at a kick-off meeting. Once we know your objectives, we’ll take the steer on creating your production. We’ll let you know what’s required from you: such as brand book, font and color palette. And we will need feedback at key moments from you and/or your team.

    If you have assets and branding ready to go, perfect. If not, we can work with you to create these, as we have designers, illustrators, animators and editors in-house.

    We work across a huge range of market sectors, working in B2B, B2C, brand awareness and internal communications. We currently specialise in Tech, Finance, Healthcare, Education and Logistics.   

    All rights to the final video belong to the client. Once the final video is delivered and the invoice is paid in full, you can download the video from the link we provide to you. We will ask on occasion if we can use the video on our website, or if we could include a reference. Naturally, this is all at the client’s discretion.

    Of course! We have routine daily backups (plus offline and off-site versions) of live and past projects. We have complete security on and off-site, giving you full peace of mind. And, we can de-archive your data and restore your projects quickly and easily.

    Our producers are well versed with all our clients needs, whether you are working with the New York, LA, London, or Amsterdam team. This makes us agile, flexible, and cost efficient. We have a robust cloud-based infrastructure (LucidLink), serving all our offices, to ensure seamless and efficient working processes.

    At Synima, we will always embrace new technology and use the latest tools to improve our services. We understand the concerns about the use of AI in creative industries. The goal of all our work is to tell stories that elicit emotional responses in humans and connect our clients with their intended audiences. To that end, we generally only use AI when it can improve our workflow efficiency, turning time-consuming manual tasks into quick, computerized ones. Typically, there will be no AI generated content in the final video product we create, however if we feel your project will benefit from the use of AI, we will talk to you openly and transparently about how we intend to use it.

    We guide you through each production phase and provide you with 2-3 revisions at each stage.

    Yes, we can assist and put the right team in place to help with SEO.