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M&S Training video screenshot of woman

M&S Training video screenshot of woman


Retail - Home, Food and Clothing


May 2019 - present

Media produced

Film and animation for learning, module production


UK & Ireland

M&S has been a flagship on high streets in the UK and around the world for over a century. The name is held in high-regard for quality clothing, home and food, famous for pioneering innovation and often being the first to bring new concepts to the market.

Looking to mirror this approach for internal learning resources, Synima was the perfect partner for M&S. Our unique ability to workshop, concept, script write and produce learning content allowed M&S to rip-up their previous laborious click-through modules and replace it with concise, broadcast-quality film. The films are provided within an LMS-friendly wrapper (Learning management system), allowing M&S to track colleague’s progress through each module.

Selected Works


Connected Security Strategy

Synima was asked to create a dynamic trailer for the launch of a flagship Connected Security Strategy for M&S. The film was meticulously scripted to visually demonstrate each part of the strategy before launching into production. Several locations were featured following the journey of a criminal as a command centre watched on, while blended animation illustrated the industry-leading surveillance technology being used to cut crime across the business. M&S entrusted Synima’s creative producers to come up with an engaging, non-corporate concept that excited hundreds of new people to apply to join M&S Security following the film’s launch.


'Gogglebox' - Scene 2

M&S struggled with an ineffective, 45-minute long piece of click-through learning that failed to engage learners and failed to produce results in restricting age-restricted sales on the shop floor. The need to act was crucial. Synima conceived, scripted and produced a series of three 2-3 minute films that repackaged all of the old e-learning key content into a bitesize, engaging format that gets to the point.


Safety & Security - What Good Looks Like

M&S asked Synima to create a series of films to train new recruits as Service & Safety Assistants. A key part of their security transformation strategy, the brief required SY to communicate strong customer service themes to an audience normally used to heavy-handed guarding. The films supported M&S to win a national award for best-in-industry with this new security strategy.


'Gogglebox' Scene 3 - Refusals

A challenge that M&S often face is needing to equip colleagues to deal with potentially negative scenarios in a positive way. In the past, this has often been tackled by scaring the colleagues into the possible consequences of their actions, but the metrics proved this did not work. Synima scripted a scenario that would demonstrate the way you can manage a difficult conversation in a way that delivers bad news while retaining top-level customer service.


Safety & Security - Tour of the Role

Often in learning, the best way to communicate a message is not to overbake the creative, but simply to show and tell. Acting as a virtual buddy who can welcome you to the store and show you around, the presenter engages the viewer and assures them that they will be well supported once they start. This straight-forward form of learning is effective for a viewer that is already engaged but simply needs to get the information they need to get started in their role.

I think they look amazing and I love them!! (upon seeing the ARS videos)
– L&D Manager - M&S