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J.P. Morgan

Global leader in financial services


2008 - present

Media produced

Video & animation


Asia Pacific, Europe, North America

J.P. Morgan has operated in Europe for nearly 200 years and has a sophisticated local market presence across Europe, the Middle East and Africa. J.P. Morgan is a global leader in financial services, offering solutions to the world’s most important corporations, governments and institutions in more than 100 countries.

Synima work across several business divisions within J.P. Morgan – asset management, corporate investment, private banking and treasury services. The range of material we produce for J.P. Morgan includes videos for customer case studies, conference filming, as well as explainer animations. We also re-version the media we produce for use on social media and mobile channels.

Selected Works


Life as an AI Researcher and Machine Learning Engineer

This video was commissioned by J.P. Morgan to showcase the amazing opportunities for people to advance in the Technology space. J.P. Morgan is a place where you can solve real-world problems using state of the art machine learning methods and cutting-edge AI research. Synima filmed in London and New York and worked with J.P. Morgan employees to bring this film to life. We used a Steadicam to allow the employees to walk and talk to bring these talented individuals to life.


Bird's Eye View

A creative approach to showing data really adds to this succinct overview of the current investment situation. Commissioned by J.P. Morgan, this piece to camera is brought to life with birds eye view shots, where graphs are ‘drawn’ out on the table in front of the presenter. The presenter interacts with the data and graphs. A positive look into the future as the COVID vaccine brings hope that life can start returning to normal.


2020 Outlook: M&A

This video was commissioned by J.P. Morgan to allow their audience to discover key takeaways from trends in the M&A market in 2019, and how they affect the year ahead. We used our Global presence to film in London and New York in a seamless way for our client. We also developed and created a new animation style in line with J.P. Morgan's brand guidelines to bring to life key facts and figures in an engaging way. We ensured the animation sections transitioned smoothly between the Interviews.


A unique partnership with Oxford University

When two iconic institutions – Oxford University and J.P. Morgan - come together to undertake a groundbreaking bond transaction (the largest ever for a university) it makes sense to record this momentous occasion in a video. Filming all key stakeholders using an interview format, we have been able to explain, inform and help both parties celebrate the success of Oxford University’s debut transaction.


Apprentice Stories

An apprentice will spend over 80% of their working week at work. It's vital that a potential apprentice learns as much as possible about the role they will be asked to play, and the environment in which they will work. The first person video style is a great way to communicate all this information in a creative, dynamic and accessible way.

For the past ten years, Synima has worked for J.P. Morgan across each of our eight key silos. Whether it’s video production or animation – and no matter the timelines – they always deliver in style.
– Vice President Creative Services – J. P. Morgan