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We use emotive narrative and spectacular visuals to create content that highlights our clients brands in competitive markets…  here are some of our favourite clips.

Main Showreel

We’ve built up a portfolio of hundreds of inspiring video productions, spanning every business sector and geographical region. From brand films to complex 3D animations, our clients trust in our creativity and expertise to deliver first-class productions every time.

Animation Showreel

Our talented in-house team are highly skilled and confident in animation production, working with all styles including 2D, Vector, Hand-Drawn, 3D, Stop-Motion and Mixed Media. As an animation company with 20 years of experience behind us, we pride ourselves in producing an end product that is both highly creative and unique to you.

Commercial Showreel

We have a remarkable group of directors who work globally. Their creative talent produces inspiring and visually stunning video and animation production for the audience.

Learning Showreel

We are a comprehensive media agency focused on generating learning experiences—not merely a learning agency that produces media. With locations in New York, London and beyond, we specialize in tailoring learning content to any format, platform, or channel. Our expertise covers the entire spectrum of the process, encompassing workshops and creative ideation to the execution of video and animation production.

Healthcare Showreel

Our teams in New York and London collaborate with healthcare companies to maximize the impact of video and animation production. We empower healthcare organizations to convey their messages through imaginative and relatable storytelling. With a wealth of experience spanning over two decades across every facet of the healthcare sector, we guarantee that clients establish meaningful connections with their global audience.

Finance Showreel

Our video production teams in New York and London partner with finance firms to unlock the power of film and animation. In the dynamic landscape of the evolving finance sector, effective communication of the latest developments is crucial. With over two decades of experience collaborating with industry leaders, we assure comprehensive support. Our expertise lies in crafting visually engaging financial videos and animations that facilitate decision-making, highlight key metrics, and maintain conciseness, all while staying attuned to the constantly changing finance environment.