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Global supplier of temporary power, heating and cooling equipment.


2013 - present

Media produced

Video, animation, infographics & photography


Africa, Asia Pacific, Australia, Europe, North America

Aggreko plc is a global supplier of temporary power, heating and cooling equipment, serving a wide range of sectors – agriculture, mining, construction and pharmaceuticals. The services Aggreko provide include contingency planning, emergency response, fuel management and custom power plants.

Synima have been working with Aggreko since 2013. Over this time, we have become a strategic media partner, producing a wide range of digital assets. These include developing their updated brand look-and-feel supported by a global corporate video, social media content, event filming and recruitment videos. We regularly repurpose content for different territories and media channels.

Selected Works


Purpose video

The Purpose film epitomizes why Aggreko exists. It visually demonstrates many of the regions and sectors that Aggreko works in, able to act as an introductory video to those new to Aggreko but equally able to show the difference it makes around the world.


We Are Africa

This film fronted a continental brand-awareness campaign, aimed at ensuring clients understood that Aggreko is here with you in Africa and at your side; not on distant European shores. The film also served to inspire pride and hope at a time when Africa faced its own struggle with the global coronavirus pandemic. The film was well-received all round and proved a real lift during a difficult period.



With only 24 hours notice of when we were able to film, this project required heavy pre-production to ensure one of our global crews in Argentina was ready to kick into action at the last second. Combined with user-generated talking heads, we documented the journey of a generator from delivery at the Port of Buenos Aires, through the interior to its installation deep in remotest Patagonia, highlighting the truly global reach of Aggreko.


Y Cube Case Study

Product launch videos, such as this, are key in building the excitement around a headline piece of technology that will change the industry. As the front piece of a technically detailed campaign, we wanted to add some glitz and glamour with by lots of movement to an otherwise static box that easily hides its groundbreaking capability.


Fish Farms

As part of a wide ranging, group marketing initiative, Aggreko commissioned a series of case studies. Core aspects of Aggreko's work are to bring stable temperature control and supply off grid power to remote locations. You can’t really get more ‘remote’ than an ocean borne aquatic farm. This is a perfect example of how animation can be used to bring subjects to life that would be prohibitively expensive to film. The result is an engaging and informative piece of work.

When you work with an agency you need to know that they know their stuff, invest passionately into your projects and can be trusted to get the job done beyond your expectations. To me, Synima fill all the criteria.
– Global Brand Manager - Aggreko