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Old lady walking across zebra crossing

Old lady walking across zebra crossing

European Commission

European Vocational Skills Week 2017

626,613 video views 34,037 unique website visits.

#SupportRefugees - launched on World Refugee Day.

After 1 day of campaign, over 8 million views via Facebook Over 200,000 views via YouTube.

Europass 2020

2 million views on two of the promotional videos. (Most successful campaign to date).

For over five years, Synima has provided video and animation services to several departments within the European Commission including: DG Just, DG EMPL, DG EAC and Chafea.

Each campaign has required us to develop a strategy to help ensure all products effectively target the specific market, gain traction online and growth. The range of material we produce includes TV commercials, European events, promotional material, case studies and explainer animations and cut downs for social media.

We have the capability to reversion all material into 23 EU languages, add audio description and sign language interpreters to make all videos fully accessible.

Achieving KPIs on these projects is important to us as a company as well as to the campaign:

European Vocational Skills Week 2017
626,613 video views were achieved and 34,037 unique website visits.

Campaign was launched on World Refugee Day.
Success: After 1 day of campaign, over 8 million views of the 5 language versions of the video via Facebook and over 200,000 via YouTube.

Europass 2020
This has been our most successful campaign to date and on record for the European Union, achieving 2 million views on two of the promotional videos.

Selected Works


TV Commercial


Promotional Video

EURES provides support to both jobseekers, who would like to experience work in another European country and companies, looking to increase their workforce. This video was commissioned to raise awareness of the free resources available via the EURES network and to highlight the specialist advisors on hand to offer advice, especially in times of crisis. A motion control rig was chosen to produce an impactful opening scene, which allowed the narrative to flow uninterrupted throughout. Stock footage was used to highlight the various career journeys one can take, no matter how old you are or where you’re from. Filmed during Covid restrictions, much care and attention was taken to ensuring the safety of all on set.


Case Study

Eleonora and Alin Morezzi tell us their real-life story in this video, which sees the stunning scenery of Ireland used as a backdrop as they talk through their move from Italy. As with other videos in the series, it combines interview and lifestyle footage to reinforce the central message of the #EU Movers campaign.


Event Promo

This hand-drawn 2D animation was created to advertise the Access City Award on behalf of the European Commission. Each frame was hand-drawn by our skilled illustrators and then put together in After Effects. With a tight deadline to meet, we put in place a dedicated team of illustrators and animators who worked in tandem to produce this animation within the client’s timeframe.


Access City Award 2021


Access City Award 2022

As part of our long standing relationship with the EU, Synima were once again commissioned to create a 2D animation to promote the Access City Award on behalf of the European Commission. We have been producing content for the Access City Award every year since 2015.


Access City Film

One of the objectives we were set when working on the Access City Award was to encourage more cities to apply for the Award itself. We produced this short promotional animation to do just that, showcasing a city where everyone is able to move around freely.


Job Mobility

The EU wanted to highlight citizens’ ability to work in any EU country. We used stop-frame animation to create a stylized look and feel that would appeal across Social Media. Each 8 second clip took 5 days to film with many days in pre-production making props and building sets. Each clip was a visual metaphor for an aspect of EURES- the program that promotes free movement of labour.


Declared Work

Undeclared work is a persisting challenge negatively affecting workers, businesses and governments across Europe. Our aim was to find a creative solution that would appeal to both employers and workers. We decided upon a concept that linked the two audiences – ‘a lack of sleep’ – and through this restlessness tackled the various challenges of undeclared work to subtly encourage both audiences to change their behaviours. SILVER AWARD WINNER in the NYX Video Awards 2020.


Event Promo


Parental Child Abduction

With incidents of parental child abduction doubling over the past decade, the European Commission saw the need for an educational film. We were tasked with shooting an authentic storyline in a real airport environment, using carefully selected actors. We obtained the necessary permissions to work with children as well as within an airport environment and detailed logistics were put in place to meet airside security requirements. The editing process played a key role in the final production, allowing us to build up tension and mislead the audience before revealing a twist. The EU wanted to target an international audience with this film, so everything was created to make it work in 27 languages.