Whether it’s to entertain through limitless creativity, educate people on subjects that are hard to grasp, or to help keep industries up to date as technological advances are made, video and animation are crucial to LA’s leading industries.


Los Angeles is a champion of entertainment, and as the home of Hollywood – filmmaking is at its core. Video has captivated audience’s hearts for decades, and the capability for innovation is pushed not only by technological advancement but through the medium’s unlimited creative potential. Infinite amounts of distinct styles can shine through, and there’s no cap on animation either, as shown by the recent rise of painterly-style animated movies such as Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. Social media entertainment is also favored in a video format, opting for energetic and spontaneous visuals that keep people hooked.

Entertainment Video and Animation In LA Los Angeles


Accommodating state-of-the-art universities such as USC’s Keck School of Medicine, LA fosters the rapid growth of bioscience research. With the list of study material constantly updating as further breakthroughs are made, animation can help make information easier to understand. The life cycle of trees, fungal networks, internal functions, deep-sea creatures and other aspects of biology that are either impossible or very difficult to capture can instead be visualized with animation. AR technology can turn anatomical diagrams into 3D ones, providing further clarity and interactivity than traditional illustration.

Health Bioscience Video and Animation In LA Los Angeles


Los Angeles is the birthplace of many iconic fashion brands like Forever 21 and Guess, and the state’s celebrity culture is always pushing clothing trends forward. As more people make their purchasing decisions online, video is increasingly being used to promote fashion and offer a streamlined shopping experience. AR fitting rooms allow people to try on clothes instantly, VR catwalks increase access to fashion shows, and live commerce brings more interaction to online shopping. Fashion content on social media can stay fresh and creative with video too, as creators engage with video trends that show off looks in captivating ways, such as jumping into a pair of shoes before seamlessly cutting away to the full outfit.

Fashion Video and Animation In LA Los Angeles

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