Video and animation are frequently utilized within New York’s leading industries – whether that’s to reach out to potential customers, educate employees, or because it’s the best medium to showcase a product. Here we discuss how video and animation play a crucial role in some of New York’s most important sectors.

Financial services

Home to Wall Street, New York is considered the financial capital of the world. As further integration of technology in this sector pushes new concepts like cryptocurrency into the mainstream, the seemingly complicated nature of updated financial processes may leave potential customers hesitant to branch out. A lot of trust and transparency is required in letting companies handle your finances, and when you need to understand a new concept before even considering investing in it – animation is your friend. With its ability to succinctly break down tough subjects into easily digestible bites, financial companies are utilizing animation as an educational tool to help audiences feel secure.

Finance Video Production Industry


According to the New York Department of Labour, most of the state’s residents are employed in the Healthcare Industry. For employees, there’s a lot of information that needs to be learnt and continuously updated as new treatments and research develop, and animation is often used in the industry as training and study tool, visualizing processes happening inside the body down to the cellular level. Animation is beneficial on the patient’s side too – people can often feel apprehensive about potential treatments, and animation can provide a non-graphic way of explaining procedures, helping people feel more at ease and informed.

Health Video Production Industry


New York is a trendsetter in the retail industry from Fifth Avenue and beyond, and there’s no better way to promote a product than to showcase it. People want to see what they’re buying, from its scale, the materials, to the way it looks under different lighting – and as ecommerce takes center stage in the retail industry, video is being used more than ever to promote goods. From livestreams where products are demonstrated in real time, to virtual shopping rooms where people can digitally try on clothes, video is crucial in the modern world where we are making more and more purchases online.

Commerce Video Production Industry

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