Flexport, saw the value of delivering broadcast-quality training content to their employees and wanted to broaden the accessibility of their education by sharing it online. We worked closely with the logistics brand to create an engaging and dynamic 17-part educational series for their e-learning portal, FlexU. Positioning this content to both internal and external audiences, Flexport were able to direct their own teams to learn about logistics whilst positioning the company as industry thought leaders.

In the series, we helped deliver information on a range of topics, from the impact of sustainability, to purchasing cargo insurance, to understanding dangerous goods – and by packaging it in a video format, broke these concepts down into understandable yet comprehensive visual bites.

flexu Learning Video Award winning VideoWatch the New York team discuss the process behind the video.

Like Synima, Flexport have offices based in both New York and LA, which made for a highly collaborative project with great synergy between the teams across the coast. Charged by this interconnectivity, we went on to create an interactive multimedia approach that exceeded the client’s needs and provided the elevation of education Flexport was looking for. Through a blend of three mediums: video footage that highlighted Flexport’s experts, a bespoke script that succinctly explained concepts, and captivating animation that tied it all together, we also drew attention to the need of a balanced 3-dimensional sustainability – with equal awareness of a company’s economic, social and environmental impacts.

The success of the educational series was stark, with Flexport reporting a 76% rise in employee engagement, and, after the course had broken through to Flexport’s marketing department, the contribution of four new qualified leads for the company. We are incredibly proud of this partnership, our talented US team, and grateful to the NYX Awards for recognizing our work in e-learning, which we are excited to continue delving into as more businesses utilize its capabilities.

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