Brand videos have seen a huge uptick in demand in recent years and are a great way of telling your story in a visually compelling way. They continue to increase brand awareness and promote a client’s services. Not only a necessity for customers becoming more conscious of their purchasing decisions, brand videos are also becoming a vital resource for jobseekers looking for companies who share their values and beliefs. 

Following the ‘Great Resignation’, jobseekers, and young people especially, are expecting more from their career. Support for mental health, the option for hybrid work, inclusivity, environmental practices – these points are becoming non-negotiable as jobseekers search for brands whose values align with theirs. People want clarity and digging through your website to find out what your brand stands for will drive people away. Instead, having a brand video proudly presented on your website or social media page will not only connect you with the people aligned with your values, but will signal transparency and foster trust. 

While brand videos connect you with the right jobseekers, they’re equally as great at building relationships with both current and potential customers. Social media has made accessing information faster, and audiences want to learn efficiently. With video and animation’s ability to break down complex subjects into easy-to-understand visual bites, you’re able to quickly and succinctly show who you are, what you do, and what you represent. 

In a time were cutting through the noise is paramount, a brand video gives a face to your company, reminding audiences of the people behind the brand and creating a personal, unique look that distinguishes you from the rest. 

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