Beneath the historical charm of Amsterdam brimming with bicycles, picturesque buildings and beautiful canals, there is a modern, innovative city that thrives in multiple industries – from medicine, agriculture, technology, the arts and more. Praised as the happiest European city in 2021 (Lenstore), Amsterdam and its culture built on tolerance, work-life balance and connectivity continues to attract an array of businesses to set up and grow there.

Combined with some of the fastest broadband speeds on the planet, Amsterdam’s central location in Europe and extensive transportation system makes connectivity and communication for businesses effortlessly smooth. As a leader in technology, The Netherlands has the fourth-highest number of patent applications per capita (EPO), and while tech giants such as Netflix and Tesla have chosen Amsterdam as their base, the city is incredibly hospitable for startups too. Thanks to initiatives like the Dutch Startup Visa created in 2015, governmental support for international talent has created a hub of diversity and invention.

The Netherlands has an acclaimed reputation in fine arts, and the current art scene continues to inspire us here at Synima. While modern fashion, dance, architecture and design are flourishing in Amsterdam, with trailblazing artists and institutions such as NDT and Droog Design leading the way, we believe animation can flourish here too. Animation is especially beneficial to brands and businesses looking to captivate audiences and build a recognizable image in this new, fast-paced era of social media. Connectivity is huge in Amsterdam, and animation can take connecting with your audience a step further.

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