Excelling in citizen satisfaction, innovation, trust in government, and sustainable environmental practices that protect its beautiful landscape, Switzerland continuously proves to be deserving of the title: ‘Best country to be born in’ since the 2013 Where-to-be-Born index declared it so. The dual effort from both the government and citizens has cemented the country as a world leader in terms of water quality, healthcare, education and finance – and this collaborative, forward thinking culture has attracted thousands of businesses, organizations and brands to set up HQs there.

Thanks to Switzerland’s resilient economy, state of the art infrastructure and research facilities, the city of Zurich, known as the center of Switzerland’s economic life, is a magnet to workers looking to grow their company to new heights. While older businesses stably thrive, new businesses are encouraged and quickly propelled, and a host of industries are able to flourish – life sciences, cleantech and banking to name a few. With an environment dedicated to supporting entrepreneurs, it’s no wonder why Switzerland has been named the most innovative country for 11 years in a row (GII).

Situated in the middle of Europe, Zurich has an efficient and communicative global reach, with both talent pouring in from the rest of the world, and creativity and invention from Zurich expanding outwards. The creative and global persona of Zurich perfectly aligns with our values here at Synima, and we are continually inspired by the city’s work ethic. Technology, finance and countless other industries have excelled in Zurich, and we believe video and animation can take that success a step further. As a business owner or brand, animation can help you connect with the hearts of people globally, bypassing language and communicating your desired message to your audience more efficiently, on a deeper level, and in a medium they can’t forget.

If you are looking for robust animation and video content to support your business, feel free to contact us at hello@shootyou.eu.