When cloud-computing innovators, Jaggaer approached us to create an educational animation on their leap into autonomous commerce, our Producer and Director Christopher Eadicicco had just joined our US team and was excited to hit the ground running. What the client needed was a captivating and comprehensive animation that showcased how their product would make buying goods for businesses frictionless. Despite the project’s large scale and fast turnaround time, Chris was determined to create something inspiring.

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Jaggaer’s drive to be an innovator in leading autonomous commerce further fueled Chris’ motivation to create something stellar, and collaborating with the US’ creative team at every step of the way made the production process harmonious: “I got on super well with my collaborators, and working closely with the creative team was a great way to get me adjusted to how Synima works.” Quickly getting used to the ropes, Chris and the team created something that “blew the client away.”

“Our team stepped up to the plate, and for me, that trumps everything. When your team believes in the project we will all go the extra mile to go above and beyond the client’s expectations.”

With a sleek design that flowed effortlessly from point to point, to the use of continuous footage that panned over to new focal points instead of jumping to a new cut – the creative choices of the animation we made showcased the ease of Jaggaer’s product and with it, how seamless the process of buying and selling goods can be.

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