The award-winning video highlighted how the logistics giant Flexport helped Bombas, a premium basics brand, donate over 75 million clothing items to those experiencing homelessness. Despite the challenges arising from the pandemic, Flexport continued to help expand Bombas’ network of giving partners, find transportation options amidst restrictions, and extend the range of products donated from socks to t-shirts, undergarments, and other necessary items.

When creating the video, we wanted to shine an equal amount of light on the incredible work both Flexport and Bombas have done and continue to do. Our executive producer Bruce Meier handled the interview portion, weaving in the expert’s stories to showcase how the two brands supported each other. At the same time, our Director Christopher Eadicicco guided our incredibly talented New York team, creating footage that clearly demonstrated the scale of the partnership’s operation and the lives they had positively impacted.

Bombas Video Production Feature Video PlayWatch the New York team discuss the process behind the video.

Being able to work on a project that gave back to society and that benefited so many people made everything all the more rewarding, and having a vital project such as this recognized by the Telly Awards means so much to us. This award highlights the importance of collaboration and charity, and we hope it will continue to inspire what Bombas call “the infrastructure of giving.”

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