With 6 billion of us now owning a smart phone (Statista 2021), and the average person spending 2.4 hours a day on social media (Statista 2021) , global e-commerce sales are only continuing to rise. More and more people are shopping through social media, so you need to get your brand onto the platforms people are dedicating their time to.

The appeal social commerce has received is largely due to the streamlined journey of viewing a product in app and being able to buy it without heading over to another website. People want ease. So, make their journey even easier. Using an animated video to sell your brand will aid them in their purchasing decisions, and here’s why:

It grabs their attention

Amidst the swarm of social media posts and constant scrolling, your brand needs to stand out. Social media is a visual platform – users don’t want to be bombarded by a block of text, they want movement, colour, exciting animation. They want simple yet eye-catching info handed to them as fast as possible. Our mind can process images in just 13 milliseconds (MIT 2014), using video and animation will deliver your message concisely and quickly, just what your audience needs in the high-speed digital world.

Animations are fun

People go on social media to be entertained. And so, intrusive, boring adverts are swiftly filtered out by users. Picture this, your potential customer is scrolling through their beautifully curated Instagram feed, only to be slapped in the face by a jarring, poorly designed advert. They’ll hastily swipe it away, silently cursing the company for interrupting their social media experience. But later on, your advert pops up, and it’s a whimsical, charming animation. It’s fun, its nostalgic, and it urges the user to stay a while. Long enough to learn about your company, and eager to find out even more.


Social media platforms place value on posts with high levels of user engagement. If you want your brand’s reach to skyrocket, you need to get users sharing your posts. Videos garner 12x the shares of both photos and text put together (M Booth), and that’s because people want to share an animation that made them smile, or a video that wowed them with impressive effects. Watch-time is important too. With video, you hook viewers in, and keeping them hooked is key. When users are engaged, your watch-time grows rapidly, signaling to the algorithm that your content is one to boost.

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