E-brochures are the digital version of a brochure. Where paper brochures have their limitations, e-brochures bring innovation with a range of exciting, interactive capabilities.

Update instantly

Traditional forms of brand communication are costly. You don’t want to risk exceeding your budget on printing your perfect brochure, only to be caught off guard with needing to update it. Instead of leaving your customers with outdated information, and your company with the financial burden of re-printing, using an e-brochure ensures that any mistakes you may make are easily solvable with a couple of edits. Just update a line of text or add a new video and your e-brochure will be ready to get back out there.

Showcase your brand’s identity

E-brochures capture the charm of traditional brochures with a modern, interactive twist. They’re robust, stylish, and above all – fun. With videos, animations and animated text embedded within the page, e-brochures capture your customer’s attention, rewarding them with a relaxed and simple way of learning about your brand. A well-crafted E-Brochure perfectly shows your values and makes your brand pop.

Send anywhere, anytime

With more companies choosing remote work, the importance of effective online communication is ever-growing. There’s no need to worry about what to present to your clients, your e-brochure will be available at all times. What’s more, e-brochures can be shared in a variety of ways. Drop a link in the description of a video, tag it alongside an email, even send it through WhatsApp. When customers want to recommend your company to a friend, they’ll have an impressive brochure to send right at their digital fingertips. The limitations of sharing physical brochures vanish with the ease of sharing an online link.


First impressions matter. When a customer visits your website or sees a piece of digital media produced by your company, 94% of their initial judgements will be solely based on design (CXL 2019). Engaging content or fantastic writing falls flat when it’s presented poorly. Customers trust professional design, and e-brochures provide just that. Their sleek and organized look not only prove that your company is worth trusting, but that you’re forward-thinking too. There’s no need for your customers to open up dozens of video links and tabs, creating a mess of disorganized information; the interactive features of an e-brochure neatly compile everything onto one clean document for your customers to effortlessly navigate through.

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