It’s expressive, it’s nostalgic, and sparks creativity in us all. Animation is a powerful tool for communication, with the ability to speak to both adults and children in a deeply profound and emotional way.


Using symbolism, colour, and expression, you reel in the emotions of the viewer. You create a character people can relate to. Young children especially cannot verbalize their feelings, but they can emote. When they see a character in red with steam coming out of their head, or a character in blue stuck in the rain, they can relate – that’s me. That’s how I feel. And so, you can get ideas across, bypassing cognitive processes, communicating what words alone cannot. When you showcase your brand in animation, the whole thing feels a lot more personal. People are not just being sold to; their problems are being heard and understood.



Due to evolution, our brains are hardwired to pay attention to motion. Our ancestors, upon detecting movement, stayed still to assess the situation, mind fully focused and alert in order to survive. With heightened awareness, people can take in more information and learn better. If you want to share information about your brand or cause, using animation will grab their focus and make teaching easier.



Forget the sky as your limit, you can zoom into outer space, animate the world spinning round, then zoom right back down at an atomic level. Processes that would take years to film in real-time, like the sprouting of a sapling to a full-grown tree, can be recreated in seconds. People are enthralled by creativity, so go ahead and wow them.


Easy to follow

If people don’t understand a concept when reading or watching a video, they’ll likely click off. Animation allows you to take complex ideas and break them down into easy-to-understand visual bites. You guide people through a topic, using visual hierarchy and composition to direct their focus. “Look over here, this is important, I’ll even provide a nice clear layout to help you”


Make yourself hard to forget

When you use animation, you create a distinct brand style that people will remember. Plus, animation combines learning styles, with visual, auditory, and written modes of communication, the viewer’s senses are stimulated and information is far easier to memorize.

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