With video conferencing part of our working life for some time to come, we are seeing more and more enquiries asking for assistance to turn a potentially lacklustre zoom into a fully-fledged video production.

Whilst no substitute for the annual Christmas get together or spring summit, video conferencing can prove to be an extremely cost effective and engaging communication tool. Here we share 5 tips which will help ensure you get the most out of your next hang out.

1. Get the lighting right

All too often when on video conferences someone’s face is either a silhouette or sunlit which can be a real distraction. Take time beforehand to play around with the lighting and see how it effects your backdrop and you.

2. Film from multiple angles

If you want the end result to lean more towards a professional video production than UGC, why not try filming the call on a couple of cameras. For example, you may choose to use your laptop to record straight down the lens footage and use your phone to provide an alternate angle, allowing you to cut between the two.

3. Include a host

Sometimes you can change things up by having a designated ‘host’ who can either film a series of interviews to be edited together or lead a panel.  This approach can ensure the message stays on track and avoids the awkwardness of people speaking over one another.

4. Invest in a good microphone

Earlier this year during the first lockdown, our MD reviewed the best microphones for exactly this activity. It’s crucial to ensure everyone comes across loud and clear and the right microphone can deliver that Hollywood voiceover that you’ve been busy practising (see XX article if you want to see our recommendations).

5. Edit, edit, edit

We have all sat through presentations that could and should have been shorter and recorded video calls are just the same. If you get someone to edit the final recording, either in-house or outsourced, then you can deliver a much more engaging deck. You can even include graphics or additional footage to add some variety.

Ultimately don’t worry if things don’t quite go as planned, a lot can be done in post-production to ensure the quality lives up to your expectations.

If you have a corporate message to record but need some advice or assistance, please get in touch hello@shootyou.co.uk