As with many industries, 2020 has required the world of video production to be both versatile and innovative to ensure work could still go on. One such example of this is our partnership with clients to bring their events online, demand for which has predictably been increasing in the approach to Christmas.

Just last week we worked with the European Commission to bring the annual Access City Award to life. Chaired by a guest host, we heard from each of the winners, with the footage having accompanying subtitles (in multiple languages) and onscreen signing to ensure accessibility. It received great viewing figures and we’re delighted it was able to connect with so many people.

access city award image

For another client we are finalising preparations for their annual sales conference, using green screens to create a bespoke studio. On the day itself we will have live linkups to speakers from across the globe, making it a truly international event.

But it’s not just conferences. As Christmas comes closer we have seen increased bookings for our Kitchen location with companies creatively approaching their Christmas parties.

photo from shoot you kitchen location


Using the latest ‘LiveU’ and ‘Shogun’ technology we’re able to livestream globally across all social media channels, and TV stations, including Twitch. We’ve shot celebs and ‘influencers’ mixing cocktail hour drinks and Micheline starred chefs guiding Xmas bake-along sessions. There’s no end to the inventive ways events companies find to bring people together.

If you have an event you need covered, then please do get in touch, we’d love to talk