Epic Games has recently developed a cloud-based app that empowers anybody to sculpt 3D animated human models for free, and for a fraction of the usual time.

Through a wide selection of facial features, skin complexions, hair, and body types to choose from, the software makes it effortless to craft a unique character of your own. The app uses scans of real people to create a robust database of faces ensuring your creation will always be accurate to real life.

To make matters even simpler, MetaHumans also come fully rigged and prepped for 3D animation, eliminating a task which is often time-consuming and difficult to master.

an animated metahuman

The range of 3D human models you can create with MetaHuman is truly diverse and heralds an exciting new chapter for the animation industry. Five years ago, this same technology would’ve been reserved for only the most prestigious studios; MetaHuman signifies the continuing trajectory of animation becoming not only more advanced but accessible for any brand, developer, or studio to connect with their audience.

As Epic Games puts it, “you may not even need to open the user guide.”

animating metahumans

Early access for MetaHuman is available now and is free to download and use within Unreal Engine. If you would like to learn more about this new technology, and what this means for the future of animation, feel free to contact us at hello@shootyou.co.uk