Both filmed video and animation utilize the power of moving images. Whether it be for advertisement, education, or entertainment, both forms of communication grabs your audience’s attention and keeps them engaged. Choosing between the two mediums for your own project can be tricky, but asking yourself these questions will help you decide which is best for you.

What is my budget and deadline?

If your project requires shots of multiple locations, multiple actors, or multiple props, using animation will make the process a lot easier. Alternatively, if you have all the resources on hand, say you want to showcase your studio at work, live action can be wrapped up fairly quickly. In general, animations take much longer to create, but when projects start to become more complex, using animation will replace the need to travel large distances and gather expensive props, saving both time and money.

Tangible object or abstract idea?

When you want to capture something that is either too small, difficult, or abstract to film, like the innerworkings of a computer or outer space, using animation is the way to go. Creativity soars when physical limitations are lifted, so use animation if you want to make something symbolic and unique. However, if you are promoting a real place, like a holiday retreat, live action will be necessary. Customers will want to see the product as it truly is, fully detailed. Live video will also work as a guide, if you are selling a blender for example, filming someone using it demonstrates to the viewer how easy it’ll be for them to use too, comforting them with a sense of familiarity and confidence, in turn aiding them in their potential purchase.

Will this be updated later, or is it a standalone project?

Animation is the best fit when you want to create a project that can be easily re-edited in the future. Updating a live action video can be much harder, as there may be difficulty in rehiring the same actors, or filming at the same location with the same lighting and weather conditions. On a similar note, if you want to make more projects akin to this one, animation can help you create a distinct brand style. Using a consistent colour scheme, mascot or art style will establish a brand image that is instantly recognizable.

What is the purpose of your project?

If you wish to evoke relatability or compassion from your viewer, live action can elicit that response, as people generally feel more connected and empathetic towards real human expressions over animated representations of them. If you want to create an educational tool, animation will be perfect at simplifying complex ideas, giving you full control over the focus of the video.

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