As we head into a new quarter, it’s a great time to have a spring clean and think about what you can do to enhance your communication methods.

1. Let’s switch it up, try something different!

Marketing requires innovation. Trying to stand out on existing platforms as well new ones (Tik Tok, Club house etc) can be challenging as thousands of other businesses are trying to do the same. When it comes to video and animation for your communications, talk with us and we can advise you on the latest styles and trends to create something really beautiful. Whether it’s to support the launch of a new product or to simply to keep you in the minds of customers, we can help you stay fresh this quarter.

2. Plan ahead

Your productions will be more cost effective if they are planned in advance. Can your present projects be part of a bigger picture and can the resources be shared? Doing this means you can make the most out of your shoot days by fully utilizing the cost of a location and a specialized production team. Animation assets can also be resused for social edits and infographics.
Sit down with your team and discuss what your upcoming communications requirements are. Of course, our Producers are on hand should you need any advice at this stage. The key to an effective content calendar is preparation, so get planning!

3. Has your organisation recently launched a new campaign?

As companies release new products, often the visual identity can be adapted or refreshed. This may mean your asset bank needs updating to ensure consistency moving forwards. Search through your video asset bank and see whether any content needs refreshing.
This is an excellent exercise because it will also allow you to evaluate if any previous content can be repurposed for future marketing campaigns. We can easily update any of our clients past videos or animations and repurpose them. This could be splitting content for social media edits, updating on screen text, adding a new voiceover – the possibilities are endless.

4. Seen something you like?

Whether it’s a video from your competitor or your favourite brand, if there’s something you’ve seen recently that you like, let us know. We can tell you how much that production would cost to produce and can use it for inspiration for your own projects.

5. Don’t just think externally

As we’re working from home, internal communications is more important than ever. Video and animation is a great way to speak to employees on a regular basis or inform them of an upcoming strategy.