We are entering a new age of how people consume content. The want for flexibility has been propelled by hybrid work, and people are looking to spend their time in more meaningful and productive ways.

With these aims in mind, it’s no wonder why podcasts have been growing in popularity these past few years. They provide a way for people to multitask. Listening to an insightful interview while commuting, or a relaxed discussion while cleaning the house brings education, entertainment and intention into our everyday activities.

Accessibility is another feature that keeps people coming back to podcasts. 79% of all podcast listening hours have been through mobile phones (MIDAS), as people download the content they want straight onto their device and press play at a time that suits them best. But podcasts are enjoyed from home too, especially with virtual assistants like Alexa or Siri, where people can simply call on the podcast to start while they carry on with other tasks. The option of having an alternative to video content is also incredibly appealing for those of us who want to cut down on screentime, but still keep up to date with our favourite creators.

As podcasts are an upcoming and innovative medium, there are still many ‘firsts’ happening in the industry. Your brand not only has a space here, but the opportunity to be the first of its kind. Podcasts are the perfect medium for growing a community of people invested in your niche, who find much more joy in listening to in-depth discussions about their favourite subject over shorter and less detailed content found elsewhere.

Hearing people speak passionately about a topic that excites them is what makes podcasts all the more authentic and engaging. Listening to people bounce ideas off of each other, have thoughtful conversations and playfully talk and laugh between discussions builds a more meaningful connection between creator and community. What’s more, 65% of people who use podcasts listen to the entire episode (MIDAS), which means audiences are engaged with content for up hours at a time, opposed to other forms of online content, where attention is grabbed for just minutes or seconds. With podcast’s, people will want to return to your content, eagerly awaiting what is coming next.

At Synima, we help our clients deliver professionally produced podcasts and audio streams to support their communications globally. If you would like to learn more, feel free to contact us at hello@shootyou.co.uk