Whether it’s at national or local level, governments use animation to educate, spread awareness, and get people involved in their community. Since the start of the pandemic, there has been an increase in people turning to their local councils for guidance, and animation has played an important role in making this information accessible, and will only continue to be a key tool for local councils to use.

Local authorities need to get their message across to thousands of people and in a way which cuts through the noise. The emotion-driven nature of animation is appealing and not intimidating for young people to access, yet still informative and comprehensive for older generations to engage with as key information becomes easily abstracted.

Posting an animation on social media is especially useful for local events, as people can send the animation straight to their friend’s inboxes, sparking discussion and plans to meet up. Other tools such as flyers definitely get the message out there, but by providing a detailed and in-depth animation through social media, you also provide a place for the local community to bond and connect.

Animation can also be used by councils to promote schemes for local issues, such as providing resources for mental health awareness and green initiatives. Resources for issues that affect younger people which can usually be overwhelming to find (such as information on drug abuse) can be posted on the social platforms young people use, reaching out to the people who need it most. Using animation makes these topics approachable and accessible, giving people the information and confidence they need to participate in local schemes which improve their community.

Furthermore, animation can be quickly adapted with the use of voice over or subtitles, ensuring an animation made for national level can be tailored to suit a local authority’s specific policies quickly and effortlessly whilst adding much needed personalization.

If you would like to learn more about how local authorities can use animation to help their community, feel free to contact us at hello@shootyou.co.uk