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ETS Global

Education x Innovation

Drawing on our expertise in videoproductie en animatie voor bedrijven (video and animation for business), we seamlessly partnered with ETS Global B.V., the Educational Testing Service (ETS), a non-profit organization deeply passionate about advancing quality and equity in education worldwide. Their dedicated teams believe in the power of learning and are committed to a mission that aligns seamlessly with our own.

Together, we crafted a bespoke promotional video for ETS Global’s Education X Innovation campaign, skillfully highlighting inspiring stories of student-athletes across the globe. Through a collaboration between our London, Amsterdam, and Rotterdam offices, we not only navigated the intricate landscape of addiction but also crafted a compelling creative direction. This approach puts a much-needed spotlight on the groundbreaking innovations ETS is pioneering. By making these enlightening videos accessible on social media platforms, our aim is to foster an understanding of the roots of addiction—a crucial first step towards regaining control. Join us in spreading awareness and empowering individuals to take control of their journey to recovery.