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Screenshot from animation - Synima Services

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Screenshot from animation - Synima Services

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Screenshot from animation - Synima Services

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Video Production

Video is a fantastic medium to communicate a wide range of messages. From corporate brand films to TV commercials, we have camera crews all over the world who can be on-location to shoot your people, products or services in action.

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Animation Production

Animation is becoming increasingly popular as it has no limitations. However complex or abstract your message, animation can explain processes and ideas in a simple yet effective way. Our animators use a range of styles and techniques to bring ideas to life, and we will discuss with you the best option for your project.

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We offer learning in the areas of compliance, health & safety, wellbeing, recruitment & retention or any other area you’d like to discuss with us. Our agile process ensures we work closely with your team from start to finish, developing your initial ideas into an engaging end product.

Our Learning offer:

  • Content workshops
  • Film & Animation
  • E-Learning modules
  • Blended learning
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Digital Services

We produce a wide range of additional digital services ranging from interactive web pages to e-brochures, which provide a modern twist on a classic way of promoting your business and message. This material can then be supplemented with the benefit of videos, podcasts and animated sections, providing broadcast-quality solutions to any communication need.

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Additional Services

Synima offer a range of additional services:

  • Podcasts
  • Live event streaming
  • User generated content
  • AR & VR
  • Motion Capture


We harness the latest technology to keep our facilities on the cutting edge. Our extensive infrastructure allows clients to rest easy. They know they’re receiving our full attention at every stage of production..


We build sets, to fit whatever creative brief or vision is required - ensuring film and mixed-media productions are created to the highest standard.


As featured on ITV, Hairy Bikers and M&S, our kitchen studio and accompanying Green Room is available for bespoke food and lifestyle filming.

A fully spec’d
technical studio

Furnished with top of the range equipment, our studio offers a great space for us to film a wide range of innovative and creative productions.


Our professional-standard studio allows us to record voiceovers in-house, expediting the production process with no loss of quality.

render farm

Our in-house render farm affords us flexibility and speed in producing our more complex (especially 3D) animation projects – no job is too big.