With social commerce growing in importance, brands need to create a strong presence on social media platforms to stay current and grow exponentially. However, as brands move to social media, there is a tendency to believe that in order to fit in with its informal and relaxed setting, professionalism should take a backseat. Casual posting is fine if you’re running a personal account, but if you’re a business, the same standard of quality you would put into any one of your other products, applies to social media too.

Due to the shareability and reach of social media posts, the first time thousands or even millions of people are introduced to your brand will be through social media. These people haven’t seen your brilliantly filmed advert, or your sleekly designed website. Their first impression will be based on what they see now – on your social media page. The quality of your posts, how you interact with followers, all of this will aid their judgement, and in turn, whether or not they will engage with your content.

People are quick to make a decision, and their initial opinion will stick. So, you want to impress. This means making quality posts that boost engagement and showcase the reliability of your company. Even brands who create natural, relaxed looking content, have professional techniques behind their posts. An influencer choosing to film in their home office, with clear lighting and a good mic, is a carefully thought-out decision, creating a sense of professionalism that appears natural.

Following the advice of staying active on social media is incredibly important, but don’t fall into the trap of thinking the more posts the better. Just posting about anything will clutter your feed and erase your brand image, which is needed to create an identity customers recognize. Scheduled posting, and valuing quality over quantity, will make your brand look clean and cohesive. If your feed is organized, people will trust that your company is too.

Quality content will make you appear more approachable. When your page is approachable, people will want to comment and interact with your content, increasing engagement and founding a connection of trust. People expect professionalism from brand’s social media pages, in fact, when it comes to customer support, the majority of people expect a response to their query in just 30 minutes. (Smart Insights) With a professional social media page, you show that you value your customers, giving them the effort and quality that they deserve.

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