Since 2000 we’ve relished taking on new and exciting challenges to help our clients tell their stories and deliver groundbreaking, impactful work.

As our creative and ambitious team has grown, we’ve been excited to expand the services we offer our clients. But our name no longer reflected what we do; we are no longer simply a video creator – these days we do so much more.

We are a global, award-winning creative agency. We are Synima.

“We’ve evolved into Synima, a name that better reflects the work we strive for today. We wanted our name to bring to mind the way that image, sound, light and movement interact to create depth of meaning. It embodies our passion for creating and delivering content together.”

Quint Boa, Company Director

We remain your dedicated team of specialists, committed to making a project the best it can be. Changing our name helps us reflect who we are and what we now offer. The company’s ethos is constant, our award-winning film, animation and design will have the same outstanding level of care and creativity.

With Synima, we continue to cherish the innovation and dedication that Shoot You has offered for over two decades. Thank you for being part of this journey, and we can’t wait to continue creating and delivering exceptional content together!

synima video production

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