Companies want to showcase the people behind their brand and humanize their website through corporate headshots. Discoverability has changed too. Potential clients are likely to meet your team for the first time digitally instead of in person, and a page of coherent headshots, with the same background, lighting and framing for each employee signals a sense of team cohesion and identity.

Ultimately though, whether your headshot is formal and stoic or relaxed and colourful, quality is what matters most. While there’s no conclusive answer on how you should smile, LinkedIn’s own research has proved the importance of professionalism, as accounts with high quality headshots receive on average nine times more connection requests than accounts with blurry selfies, or photos with people cropped out.

Ideally, a perfect headshot has good resolution, with the subject well in focus and contrasted from the background. Effects, filters and posing next to external objects like cars detract from the quality whereas aspects such as the right framing and lighting should take precedence. However, setting a standard of professionalism extends past LinkedIn headshots. Today, where a majority of connections are built online, portraying yourself as dependable should be established across the board. Even on social media, being approachable doesn’t mean reducing the quality of your posts. A professional online profile portrays you as a reliable person. If you put time and effort into your digital presence, people will trust that your brand, product and work is of equal quality too.

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