The Covid pandemic has completely shifted our view on work. With 83% of people now stating a hybrid model is optimal (Accenture), it’s clear that we can’t carry on with our old structure of work and learning, we need to build anew.

But with more people working from home, how do we ensure that there’s effective communication between employees? How do we ensure there’s fairness within the workforce, and that productivity levels stay high?

By using video and animation alongside e-learning packages, you secure a healthy and engaged work ethic from wherever your employees may be.


Clarifying what roles and work you expect from employees at home is crucial. Don’t waste time looking for the right documents to send over, or waste energy sifting through text files for the relevant information. By using robust e-learning packages which make use of interactive elements and video tutorials, you have everything wrapped up and ready to present. Learning is displayed clearly and concisely, ensuring that your employees are certain on what they need to do.


With hybrid work, it is important that you give equal opportunity to those working from the office and those working from home. That means information and help needs to be equally accessible. Luckily, videos and e-learning packages can always be made available online and can be shared instantly with anyone no matter where they are.


Showing that you trust your employees to manage their own time and work from home gives them a huge confidence boost. Don’t allow that confidence to falter by dumping overwhelmingly long documents on them that were made with old models of work in mind.  Support those employees and aid the development of their independence with new learning packages, ones specifically tailored for hybrid work. Video and animation are the perfect tools for taking difficult concepts and simplifying them, dispersing any confusion about a subject.


This is an opportunity to transform your company and create a newer, greater learning environment. An environment where productivity flourishes, and where mental and physical health are taken care of.  We use broadcast -quality video and animation to engage audiences, e-brochures to help clients, so why not use the same tools for our employees? Taking the content audiences already love and using them to elevate your Learning and Development initiatives allows your company to not only be prepared, but flourish in this new working environment!

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