A common question I have been asked recently is what microphone should I use for recording podcasts and user generated content when WFH?

Podcasts are everywhere up 24% year on year (‘Ofcom’ 2019) and keynote speeches are often delivered by C-suite execs from under their duvet in the bedroom, apparently. Is it possible to sound more like Orson Wells or Lauren Bacall (look them up ‘snowflakes’) than Siri or Cortana? Actually, yes!

A range of great USB plug-and-play mics are now on the market. They simply plug into your computer without the need to weave a loom of wires, or worse, configure a pre-amp (don’t ask). Mics are generally in short supply at the moment but we recommend: Rode NT USB, Logitech ‘s Blue Yeti (our personal favourite) or the Audio Technica ATR 2100.

(The Blue Yeti and Audio Technica don’t come with pop shields so you might want to get one of those as well. Any ‘clamp on’ type will do e.g. ‘K&M 23956 Pop­killer’).

Take time to practice talking from different distances and relish your new found dulcet tones. My personal favourite: next time you’re on a ‘Hangout’ or ‘Zoom’ simply park the mic our of shot and watch your colleagues surprise as ‘Lauren’ (or ‘Orson’) enter the meeting.