One of the biggest changes to take place during our 20 years is the growth in animation. When we first started out it was still very much in its infancy but the tools and techniques have advanced substantially and it has since become a very popular option for clients. As we always say, animation is a great medium to take a complex subject and make it accessible for all. Here we look at just 5 examples from our recent work, each doing just that, in their own distinctive way.


Access City animation

We produced this hand drawn animation to promote the Access City Awards. The client wanted something that would engage viewers and be everlasting. With a tight deadline, we put in place a talented, creative team to deliver a 1 minute animation within just 2 weeks.

HPE 100 Million

This animation was created for Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) to promote a major achievement – 100 million LTO data cartridges sold across the world. Synima used a traditional frame-by-frame animation technique, combined with a range of digital software, to portray HPE’s story. The company’s 20-year journey is represented by two young boys, as they venture through different landscapes, making discoveries and overcoming obstacles along the way. As the stars light up in the sky, their quest for greatness becomes closer, until they witness the aurora borealis, the ultimate dream. Similarly, HPE’s digital journey to transform how we store and protect data has reached limitless possibilities, with 100 million tapes and counting. A PLATINUM AWARD WINNER  in the AVA film awards 2020.

Declared Work

Declared work is a subject that needed to be treated with much sensitivity. For this reason, we decided upon the idea of having a disturbed sleep as often it’s the little things that keep you awake at night. It’s also the one thing that resonates with us all, whether you’re an employer or employee. Using this idea, we designed abstract characters in order for the audience to identify with the subject rather than the person on screen. We used soft colours in line with the client’s branding and kept the scenes as clean as possible with the use of a white background and shapes.

The animation was well received by the client and is being used as part of the #EU4FairWork campaign across Europe. A SILVER AWARD WINNER at the NYX Video Awards 2020.


This challenging animation was created to promote Centres for Vocational Excellence throughout Europe, at an online virtual conference. The project had to provide an overview of the COVE philosophy without using a voice over – just on screen text. It also had to describe how the organisation worked practically.

We chose an isometric style which meant we could highlight the various buildings, technologies and hubs rising vertically. This meant the screen wasn’t crowded with information, even when the 3D text appears.

The video has had over 10,000 views to date.


The EU wanted to highlight how member citizens are able to work in any EU country. We used stop-frame animation to create a stylized look and feel that would appeal across Social Media. Each 8-second clip took five days to film, with considerable time spent in the pre-production stage to make customised props and build sets. Each clip was a visual metaphor for an aspect of EURES – the programme that promotes the free movement of labour within EU-member states.