Over the past couple of decades, Synima has grown to a global organization and as such, our identity as a company needed to be refined. We required an updated brand video that reflected the diverse, professional and highly creative persona that Synima is today, filmed and presented in the same quality we provide our clients, and with our talented team at the very forefront.

Our aim was to create a video that captured the audience’s attention and not only told the viewer about our robust capabilities, but proved it. People invest in people, so we decided our team should be the ones guiding the audience through the video, as they’re the creative force overseeing every project, from the first storyboard to the final production.

Brand Video Production Los Angeles

Cohesive animation is weaved throughout, showcasing the ability of our animation department, and our award-winning work is displayed inbetween shots of our crew.  The walk-and-talk style allows you to get to know the people at the heart of our brand, and portrays the interconnectivity of our workplace, as all of our branches across the globe – London, New York, Amsterdam and LA, come together and collaborate to show exactly who we are.

Brand Video Production New York

The brand video accomplished what we set out to do – showcase the personality of our company today, whilst portraying the same values we’ve upheld for over 20 years. This project was a blast to work on, and we’re so excited to share with you the new Synima!

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