Despite representation of women in the video production industry becoming increasingly equal to that of men in recent years, the workplace still suffers from gender disparity, with women facing a more hostile environment that demotivates and inhibits them from reaching greater success.

Companies may aim to hire women and men at an equal rate, which appears great from an outside perspective, but this will do little to combat gender inequality if the inside of the workplace remains unfair. One problem that persists is the lack of women holding C-suite positions, which currently rests at only 27%. (Mckinsey) As Director Mia De Raunch puts it, “the higher up the chain you went, the less women you saw.” Companies need to start ensuring that women are represented well in senior positions, and that the workplace environment is free of hostility and biases. After Raunch noticed this pattern of male-dominated senior positions in the industry, she took matters into her own hands, becoming the owner and director of her own company, Flipswitch Media, hoping to inspire the next generation of women.

The attitudes towards women in the video production industry can undermine their confidence, leading them to miss out on opportunities that advance them past entry level. Microaggressions such as interruptions, demeaning remarks, and questioning someone’s judgement based on gender, accumulate over time and make women feel as if they don’t belong. These microaggressions are also reported at a higher rate in the video production industry compared to other industries, and women of colour receive them most frequently.

The theme of this year’s IWD is #BreakTheBias, calling women to share their work stories and have conversations about how we can implement real change. Career strategist Ineke McMahon is working with the movement to develop women’s confidence in striving for more senior roles, as she coaches them through self-doubt that arises from the workplace environment.

It’s ultimately movements like this, that challenge the status quo and ensure we continue making genuine progress. Whilst our industry enjoys some of the most creative and innovative individuals, it’s up to us to ensure we maintain equal opportunity for all.

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