Trust fosters loyalty – when people are making their purchasing decisions, returning to a brand they can rely on is a much safer bet than putting faith in another company, no matter how enticing they may appear. With thousands of competitors aiming to reel in your target audience, animated videos can help you stand out from the crowd.

Brand transparency is vital. Being open and clear about your brand’s values and what your customers should expect when interacting with you will help people feel informed and, in turn, confident in choosing you. Animation is the perfect tool for transparency – the simple visuals help explain information in a digestible way, achieving clarity quickly.

When deciding whether or not an unfamiliar company is trustworthy, 93.4% of people turn to customer reviews (eMarketer). For every company, a positive online reputation is key, and as the majority of people will meet your brand for the first time through your social media page, you need to make sure the interactions going on there reflect customer satisfaction. People love creativity, so posting a unique and whimsical animation on social media is a great way to drive engagement and fill your comment section with positive feedback, giving newcomers a great first impression of your brand.

Fun Comes First
A social media presence that pushes too heavy on selling to their audience will drive people away. We are constantly being bombarded by adverts, and people turn to social media to be entertained, not sold to. In contrast to traditional adverts, an animations primary job is to fascinate and charm its viewer, and its second is to sell. In this way, animated adverts do not feel intrusive or bothersome, they instead signal that the brand behind the ad is committed to delivering quality content at all times.

Loyalty is generated by consistency. Unless you have an important reason to give your company a makeover, a brand image that is constantly switching styles will confuse your audience.

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