Video and animation have become the central plank of many companies’ sales and marketing strategy, becoming a vital tool to effectively communicate a brand’s message. However, unlike the days of old, much of the video content that is produced is made for social media channels such as Instagram and LinkedIn.

commercial video production shoot for moonpig, one of our clients

So, you’d be forgiven for thinking the reign of the TV commercial was over, surely there’s no room for cinematic advertising in today’s hyper-fast, hyper-social environment? But although budgets for TV advertising may have shrunk (aside from tentpole brands such as Budweiser or John Lewis) the world of television commercials seems as healthy as ever.

Commercials are adapting to how people consume content, using the same codes and conventions audiences love but in new and exciting ways which are geared towards social media.

As a result, this Autumn has seen a further increase in the number of commercials we’ve been asked to produce, ranging from standard Direct Response TV adverts (DRTV) to some really sophisticated social treatments, utilizing 3D animation and even VR!

For the first time ever, innovative communication solutions are at the fingertips of any brand. Giving companies the potential to market themselves using broadcast-quality content for a relatively low cost.

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