Publishing quality content consistently is key to keeping your audience engaged and team up to date. Luckily, you don’t have to worry about hiring expensive sets and equipment for every piece of content you produce. With a few helpful tips and tricks, you can create professional content affordably from your own home.

Why look professional?

Posting high quality content is vital across all platforms in order to create a professional and trustworthy brand image. Even on social media, as this will be place where millions of people come across your brand for the first time. First impressions matter, and if your video content isn’t professional, people won’t trust that your brand is.

Importance of lighting

Lighting evokes mood. Having a video be dimly lit, with shadows cast over the face and objects obscured in darkness is not only confusing to watch, but signals distrust to your audience too. Cameras alone cannot pick up the full spectrum of what our eyes see, so additional lighting is needed to bring the video quality closer to life. Lifting the mood of a video can be achieved with a ring light, simply place it two feet directly in front of the subject and right behind the camera, and you will appear brighter, clearer, and a lot more confident. Good light quality also retains the audience’s attention solely on what is being lit, which is crucial for product reviews, as seeing the product clearly is a must for aiding people’s purchase.

Importance of Sound

As researched by the Australian National University, having low quality audio leads listeners to disbelieve what they are hearing, and discredit information as less reliable. This means the content of your script or talk can be genuine and insightful, but if it is presented poorly, it will be met with doubt. Low quality audio can signal that your brand is outdated, and alienate audience members with accessibility needs, such as people with auditory processing disorder. Muffled audio and hectic background noise will also cause people to turn away simply because it is unpleasant to hear. To combat this, invest in a clip mic, which will produce crystal clear audio and eliminate white noise. Just pass it through your shirt to hide the wire, then clip it to your collar and you’ll be good to go.

From lighting, sound, camera placement, framing and more, we at Synima are here to help those looking to create professional content from home. If you would like to work with us or learn more, feel free to contact us at